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Professional Painting Services for Wood Decks and Wood Fences

Painting your wood fence is a great way to spruce up the décor or give the exterior sharp curb appeal. Newly painted surfaces will refresh the look and give it a completely new feel. After years of wear, paint colours lose their vibrancy and effectiveness to protect your wood fence. People put off painting because of the prep work, time commitment, and interruptions to their busy lives. You can contact our fence painting services at M&Y Home Fix for an affordable price to take care of all your needs and be assured of high quality.

We at M&Y Home Fix use the best paint on the market and apply it using a new, precise procedure to ensure better results. We apply airless spray under high pressure whenever it could be utilized to get better results. Our rate depends on several factors, such as the condition of the wall, changing colours, etc., so please call us at  +1 (905) 483-3677  or fill out the form here to get a quote, as it should be done case by case.

Paint fences

We paint the existing wooden deck/fence after professionally cleaning it and applying proper paint with an airless spray machine. Our rating is based on the condition of the wood.

The Benefits of Painting Wood Decking and Fences

Apart from aesthetics, there is one significant reason to consider painting or staining your deck and wood fence. When you apply a finish to the wood, such as paint, it helps to protect it from the weather. Untreated wood can deteriorate much faster than usual when exposed to water and direct sunlight, and some species of wood can even turn gray.

As a result of the water’s reaction, wood can twist, warp, and crack. Sunlight also degrades wood over time, and when paired with moisture, it can make it prone to rotting. This is why it is critical to apply a finish because that is what contributes to the formation of a protective barrier.

When it comes to completing your wooden deck and wood fence, you have two options: paint or stain. Paint provides the finest amount of wood protection. It is the most effective at protecting wood from the sun, and it can endure for up to ten years in some situations.

Many people prefer staining because it highlights the inherent grain of the wood. Stain works by penetrating deep into the wood and sealing crevices that might otherwise absorb moisture. It is moisture-resistant; however, it is not as effective as paint.

You won’t receive much UV protection; therefore, you’ll have to reapply it more frequently than paint. If you choose to stain it, you should restain it every 3–4 years.

Our Wood Fence and Wood Deck Painting Experts

Painting a wood fence or a wood deck isn’t as simple as slapping a new coat on top of an old one. If you want a smooth, long-lasting finish, some preparation is essential. To begin, the wood fence or wood deck will need to be power washed to ensure that it is clean. Before proceeding, make sure to set down drop sheets to cover the surrounding environment. For more tips, click here.

The paint application technique varies depending on the type of fence or deck and the paint. A wood fence must be sanded and primed in all areas with loose or flaking paint. Wood fencing or a wood deck should be cleaned with an ordinary exterior primer.

To stain wood fences or decks, a brush is used, whereas paint is applied by spraying, brushing, rolling, or a combination of these processes, depending on the substrate’s condition and environment. After the paint has been applied, it is vital to thoroughly clean the area, being sure to pick up any paint chips or other debris.

Get in touch right now! Give M&Y Home Fix Painting a call at +1 (905) 483-3677 or fill out the form if you need assistance painting your wood fence or wood deck!

Why Should You Hire M&Y Home Fix to Paint Your Wood Fence or Wood Deck?


  • We have many years of experience painting wood fences and wood decks.
  • We provide high quality at an affordable price.
  • From the first point of contact, we prioritize everything.
  • Painting services at their finest: we use the best paint available on the market.
  • Excellent reputation.
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