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Home Repair and Renovation Services

Make Your Home a Better Place with Our Help

If you are inspired to upgrade an area of your home, it is time you called M&Y Home Fix Repair and Renovation to talk to us about our repair and renovation services. Whether you need a new floor in your bathroom or appliances replaced in your kitchen, we can handle it all. We offer home repairs and renovations within 24 hours, even on weekends.

We at M&Y Home Fix Repair think that every aspect of home maintenance should be done correctly. We strive to provide home repair in Burlington, Milton, Oakville, and the Towns of Halton Hills in Canada with the greatest value possible by offering competent handyman services at competitive prices. In Ontario, Canada. Our expert handyman specialists handle a wide range of home improvement and repair services, including everything from painting and plumbing to carpentry and cabinet installation.

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Why Choose us for Home Repair and Renovation Services?

Home renovation and repair services performed by professionals

As a professional in-home repair and improvement, we provide local handyman services for homeowners of residences across Burlington, Milton, Oakville, and the Towns of Halton Hills in Canada. At M&Y Home Fix Repair and Renovation, we understand that when it comes to hiring a handyman, finding an individual who has the appropriate knowledge and expertise is extremely important. So you can rest assured knowing that when you have an M&Y Home Fix handyman on the job, your home will be in the hands of a trustworthy professional. To provide you peace of mind that the work we do will last, we also provide a 2-year warranty on our services. Give us a chance to assist you in completing your to-do list.

Inside Home Renovations and Repairs Services

Basement Repair and Renovation

Unfortunately, because it is hidden from view, the basement in your house is frequently left in disrepair. The reality is that this part of your house can be both lovely and cozy, as well as useful! no matter if you are putting in new drywall or shelves.

With improvements to your basement, you can give your kids additional room to play, create a new space for entertaining guests, or increase the storage! We are the experts to call if you need anything fixed, from drywall to an entertainment center.

Among the many remodeling, repair, and renovation services we provide are the following:

  • Putting in new floors
  • Drywall finishing and repair
  • New lighting fixtures are being installed
  • Putting together new furnishings
  • Putting in dimmers and timers
  • Constructing bespoke shelves
  • Putting up pictures
  • Wall-mounted TV mounting

Bathroom Repair and Renovation Services

Improve and Renovate the Bathrooms in Your Home

No matter how small your bathroom is, you can still make it look beautiful. We have helped countless homeowners transform bathrooms of all sizes with our home renovation and repair services. We can assist you with realizing your bathroom vision, regardless of your preferences or style.

We offer a variety of services to improve and renovate your bathroom, including:

  • Install a new mirror or vanity.
  • Tile grout has to be cleaned or redone.
  • Upgrade the bathroom’s tile flooring.
  • Reinstall the shower door.
  • Replace any obsolete or ancient fixtures.
  • Replace the light fixture.

Kitchen Repair and Renovation

You should have the kitchen of your dreams, and we can help you realize that desire.  Whether you only want to make minor repairs to the kitchen or if you’d prefer to totally renovate the room, we can work with your ideas and within your budget.

Various Ideas for Kitchen Repair and Renovation

  • New flooring
  • New countertops
  • New backsplashes
  • Replace the faucets.
  • Replacement sinks
  • Repairs to the drywall
  • Including crown moulding
  • Refinish the current crown moulding.
  • Install new cabinets or have them constructed to order.

Get in touch today or call us at+1 (905) 483-3677  for the best Home Repair and Renovation services

Outside Home Repair Services and Renovation

The outside of your home could get overlooked if there is a lot going on inside. We can assist if you haven’t yet made the required repairs to the outside of your house. Avoid delaying exterior home upkeep and repairs by getting in touch with M&Y Home Fix Repair and Renovation. We can help you to make the exterior of your home as appealing as the inside.

Whether you have recent exterior damage or simply want to take care of some bothersome repairs, we can help you cross it off your “to-do” list. The outside of your home can be improved, and M&Y Home Fix, Repair, and Renovation can help turn your yard into a space you use more frequently.

Wood Deck Repair Services

A wood deck is a great place to entertain family, friends, and guests, relax, or simply enjoy the outdoors. To keep them safe and looking good, you may need periodic repairs or a complete rebuild. From re-staining the wood to fixing or rebuilding the structure, you can count on us for reliable wood deck services.

When you call us, we get to work quickly inspecting your outdoor space and determining what problems need to be repaired. We aim to make your space as functional, beautiful, and safe as possible! Furthermore, we can add new outdoor features such as an extended deck, a sitting area, and more.

The types of issues we handle are:

  • Wood boards that are split, rotting, or loose
  • Too pliant of boards
  • Handrails that are faulty or broken
  • support posts that are worn out or weak

Our website “M&Y Home Fix Repair and Renovation” may not list a specific room or service, but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide it. Don’t hesitate to call our home repair and improvement professionals to discuss your renovation needs!

Home Repair and Renovation services If something is broken, our experts can fix it. We offer home repairs and renovations within 24 hours, even on the weekends. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today or call us at+1 (905) 483-3677

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